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Graco Ultra Max II 490 Airless Sprayer

Graco Magnum XR9 Paint SprayerWelcome to our little site about airless paint sprayers and airless spray painting. We just want to share some information with you that we have learned over the years while using airless paint equipment. We just started this site (check back often) and work on it when we have time and aren't experts at web sites so please excuse the missing shiny glitz and animated stuff that most sites seem to have these days.

We will write about a few of the sprayer models we use and have used, some of the common parts that need to be replaced once in awhile. We will also talk about some of the accessories we found along the way that are helpful and make painting with an airless easier and faster. If we find enough time down the road, we'll be able to provide some pictures and instructions on how to change-out some parts.

Most of the sprayers we have experience with are "mid-tier" or smaller ones so that is what we'll speak about mostly, but we'll try to touch on a few of the big ones later like my friends Graco 1095. Our favorite sprayer for bigger jobs is a Graco ultra 495, keeping in mind painting a house inside and out is a big job to us. We have a Titan 440 (I?) we use too, but mostly for a backup as it is getting tired (bought it used on EBay. For remodel work (1, or 2 rooms) we usually use the Magnum xr 7 because we can clean it out faster with a garden hose. For little stuff like spraying a roll up garage door we have a graco dx that will easily fit in the trunk of our car and also can be cleaned out with a hose.

We found a good place to get paint sprayer parts for Graco paint sprayers called portlandcompressor.com. They sell paint sprayers plus air compressors and pressure washers. They are basically a spray mall for anything related to airless and air-assisted spraying, and they have really good prices on new spray pumps and even have the gigantic ones for painting skyscrapers. They also seem to be able to get parts for older models that our paint store "can't get". We have found that most of the large box stores don't have much and charge more.

If you are looking for a new paint sprayer for touch-up jobs like garage doors, trim, etc...check out the new TrueCoat by Graco. There are 3 different versions of the paint sprayer, one battery powered and two different electric options. For more information, check out the TrueCoat.net website, they seem to provide some pretty good info on the airless.

Well gotta go for now, more later.

Thanks for visiting our site!

Hi again.
I will be updating this site soon because some people got mad at me since some info is old and some other stuff they didn't like.

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