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Graco HVLP 4900 Fine Finish  Paint Sprayer

              Graco HVLP 4900 Fine Finish  Paint Sprayer  


Model Number 233425
Filters Foam Pre-Filter, Automotive main filter
Stages 4 Stage
Fluid Set included #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
Outlet Flow Rate 82 CFM
Turbine PSI 8 PSI

The Graco HVLP 4900 is best when used for industrial finishes, oil and wall paints, as well as multispec paints. The 4900 has a 4 stage turbine in order to handle heavier fine finish materials, and features two simple to clean filters to prevent disruptions in the flow of paint. The 4900 is a great HVLP machine for those who consistently spray fine finish materials

Common Parts For the HVLP 4900

Name of Part Part Number Information on Part
Turbine Air Foam Pre-Filters 240274 The Pre-Filters protects main filter from large particles, to help prevent them from entering the machine. Pre-Filters come in a pack of 5

Common Accessories For the HVLP 4900

Name of Accessory Part Number Why It Helps
#7 Fluid Set 244128

A #7 Fluid set provides the correct needle and nozzle to spray materials such as latex, multi-spec, butyrate, oil wall paints, and other industrial finishes

High-Production Air Cap 244227 This air cap is designed for those who have a larger HVLP unit (such as the 4900), and want a high production 16" fan pattern. This replaces the 244226 air cap that comes standard on most Graco HVLP Guns
HVLP Turbine Gun 244113

The HVLP Turbing Gun has a 75% lighter trigger pull than most competitors guns, and it helps and it create a smooth, fine spray for most fine finish materials.