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Graco LineLazer 3400 Line Striper



Model Number 248861
Maximum Tip Size 0.027
Gallons Per Minute 0.75
Gallons Per Year N/A
Maximum Pressure 3300
Complete w/ Gun, Hose, and Tip? YES

The Graco LineLazer 3400 is the ideal choice for those looking for an entry level striping machine. Because the 3400 is an entry level striper, it comes in a one gun model only. Many school districts and retail departments look to purchase this machine because it is the ideal striper for spraying parking lots and seal coatings, while performing like a heavy duty striper. In the long run, this will save you a great deal of money from having to hire professional striping companies from coming in and doing the job

Common Parts For the LineLazer 3400

Name of Part Part Number Information on Part
Pump Repair Kit 244194

Just like airless paint sprayers, Line Stripers have fluid sections as well. Ensuring that there are no leaks and the machine is always well maintained, will keep your striper lasting for many years

Gun Repair Kit 235474

This is the repair kit for the Silver Plus Gun, which is the gun that comes with the LineLazer 3400. The Silver Plus Gun is one of Graco's highest quality guns, so you want to ensure it is always in great condition

Cable for Gun 111154

This cable attaches from the Gun to the Handle of the striper and works as the trigger for the gun.

Common Accessories For the LineLazer 3400

Name of Accessory Part Number Why It Helps
LineLazer Spray Tips LL5xxx

Specifically designed for use with LineLazer machines. LL5 Tips create less overspray and sharp lines. Easily identifiable by the yellow handle. For a list of all LL5 tips available, CLICK HERE

RAC 5 Silver Plus Gun 243283 The Silver Plus Gun is Graco's highest quality airless spray guns. It is the preferred gun for high pressure applications, and is known for its durability and long life