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If having trouble with your sprayer look below for solutions to for common problems
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The Fan Pattern has Tails or is Fingering:
This is caused by two problems, there is not enough pressure, or your tip is worn out. Try increasing pressure slowly to send more paint through the tip orifice. If this does not work, chances are your tip is worn out. When this occurs, you should purchase a new tip immediately to avoid costs in extra paint.  Click Here for more information on tips.

Clogged filter or spray tip
If the filter is clogged, remove it from the machine and rinse it out with water. If the filter is punctured, replace it immediately to avoid extra clogs in the tip and damage to your sprayer and gun.
If you are using a Reverse-A-Clean tip which gets clogged, turn the pressure to the lowest setting, turn on the gun safety, turn the tip 180, release the gun safety, and trigger the gun. If you are using a Flat Tip, you must take the tip and guard completely off of the gun in order to clear out the clog.

Motor runs but pump will not stroke
The main reason for this would be the Pin that goes on the displacement pump is missing. Contact the maker of your sprayer to find the nearest available store that would have the pin in stock.
The second reason for this would be the connecting rod is either damaged or broken. Take your sprayer in to your local repair shop in order to replace the connecting rod.

Motor is hot and runs intermittently.
The motor will start to overheat if ran at high pressures with small tips. The small output will cause the motor to run at a lower RPM, which creates excess heat. To avoid this problem, increase your tip size and decrease the pressure setting.
Relocate the sprayer from the sun. Do not place the machine in temperatures in excess of 90. Also, do not cover the machine with a wet rag to help cool it off. This prevents the airflow from getting into he machine, and can ultimately cause more damage

Paint Sprayer shuts off after spraying for a few minutes
The main reason for this is usually an electrical problem, which can be hard to diagnose without seeing the machine. You should take your machine into your local authorized service center to help with this problem.
One other reason for this could be because the packing nut is too tight. When the packing nut over tightens, it restricts pump action,
and damages packings. If this is the problem, loosen the packing nut, but be sure to check the packings as well in case of leaks.

Sprayer is Frozen or has Hardened Paint in Machine
If water-based paint has frozen in sprayer, put the sprayer in an average temperature room to help thaw. Do not start sprayer until thawed completely. Many times when the machine has been exposed to freezing, the machine will be permanently damaged. Keep in mind that when materials freeze, they expand. When this happens in your sprayer, there is a possibility that many of the internal parts will need to be replaced.
If paint has been hardened or dried in the sprayer, replace the pump packings. To prevent this from happening again, make sure the wetcup is filled with Throat Seal Liquid (TSL)